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CASA by PC textiles have been designed to inspire your spaces to be colourful and happy. The patterns are influenced by nature and creator Paula Cushman’s love of art and reflect her design sensibility. Being environmentally conscious is important to her, so the designs are printed on eco-friendly and sustainable textiles, using water-based fabrics and wallpaper dyes. The finishing process is unique for each pattern, preserving the old method of silk-screen printing, (using artisan craftsmanship), while blending more cutting edge digital printing processes.

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  • Amapola-Flower-Emerald-luxury-contemporary-fabric-AucklandAmapola-Flower-Lilac-luxury-contemporary-fabric-Auckland

    Amapola Flower

    Casa by P.C., Textiles
  • AnanaAnana


    Casa by P.C., Textiles
  • Arabesque-Midnight-Blue-luxury-fabric-AucklandArabesque-Sea-Green-luxury-fabric-Auckland


    Casa by P.C., Textiles
  • Camila-Flower-Blush-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-AucklandCamila-Flower-Cloud-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-Auckland

    Camila Flower

    Casa by P.C., Textiles
  • Fall-Pagoda-Peacock-Green-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-AucklandFall-Pagoda-Blue-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-Auckland

    Fall Pagoda

    Casa by P.C., Textiles
  • Gingko-Flower-Frappe-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-AucklandGingko-Flower-Coral-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-Auckland

    Gingko Flower

    Casa by P.C., Textiles
  • Isabela-Stripe-Bermuda-Pink-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-AucklandIsabela-Stripe-Bahamas-blue-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-Auckland

    Isabela Stripe

    Casa by P.C., Textiles
  • Jaipur-Flower-Heaven-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-AucklandJaipur-Flower-Aztec-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-Auckland

    Jaipur Flower

    Casa by P.C., Textiles
  • Margarita-Orchid-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-AucklandMargarita-Baby-Blue-Luxury-Contemporary-Fabric-Auckland


    Casa by P.C., Textiles

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